Auslogics disk defrag – the easiest and free Windows disk defrag tool.

Many computer users may heard about disk defragment, but do you know why you need to defrag disk drive, why you can speed up Windows by disk defragment? So in this article, I’ll discuss disk defragment. Why do you need disk Defrag The computers performance may become sluggish as your hard drive becomes increasingly fragmented. Defragmenting a hard drive rearranges the files so that each file is stored in a contiguous collection of disk sectors. This makes reading and writing files much faster. How fragment produced? Whenever you save a file or install a program to your hard drive, it is not generally stored as a single entity. Instead, it is divided up into a number of small packets. When you retrieve the file, the computer puts all the pieces back in the correct order so you can view your file or run your program. As you save more files, … Continue reading

Top 5 HDD Defragment Software

A disk defragmenter is a key toolkit element for keeping your PC running optimally. Disk fragmentation occurs through normal everyday use of your PC; over time your system becomes unable to store related data on your disk in a sequential (contiguous) manner, and must “fragment” files across different physical locations on your hard drive. This increases the number of times your hard drive must spin (or “seek”), which slows down the process of reading and writing files. Defragmentation software compresses files and free space back into contiguous blocks. We have introduced two free defragment software before. Top 5 HDD defragment software – part1 Top 5 HDD Defragment Software – Part2 Today we’ll introduce the rest of the top hard drive defragment software. MyDefrag A great free program here is MyDefrag, which is actually the successor to a very popular program called JkDefrag. JkDefrag has been a favorite among many computer … Continue reading

Top 5 HDD Defragment Software – Part2

On 2nd, December we have introduced another dedragment software and today we’ll introduce another best free defragment software – Piriform Defraggler Piriform Defraggler will remove those pesky, tailed, Muppets from your hard drive once and for…oh wait. Well, it won’t do that, but it will defragment your hard drive, and it offers some features that the free defragmentation utility including in Windows does not. First off, it’s faster and prettier. The latter is important since, with large hard drives, you’ll be staring at it–or any defragmentation tool–a while. Second, it has a number of nice features which can make disk maintenance…well, not fun, but easier and more focused. For example, Defraggler will show you all your fragmented files. You can click one to see where on the disk its various pieces lie, or defragment just that one. This can be useful when dealing with very large, performance critical files such … Continue reading

Top 5 hdd defragment software – part1

Due to frequently write and delete files, our disk storage files scattered throughout the disk, resulting in read files from and write to a different place, even increase the access time and speed. If we want to speed up disk access speed, we have to defrag the disk effectively. Although Windows provide a built-in defragment tool, the defrag speed is quite slow. We have to use other professional hdd defragmenter software to helps us better organize the files. Let’s see the top five defragment software. First one – Vopt Vopt lets you quickly defrag and pack your disk drives to maintain optimal performance and reliability. Vopt’s speed makes daily defragging both practical and desirable. Vopt also provides tools to assist you in maintaining your system, reclaiming wasted disk space, and protecting your privacy. Vopt offers many different lanquage choices to give you the comfort of working in your own native … Continue reading