Resize partition server 2003/2008/2011

Many people have trouble resizing a partition in Windows Server platform, so in this article I want to introduce how to resize Windows Server partitions without starting over or losing any data. Most of the "tutorials" in other places just shows resizing partition under simplest disk configuration, here I'll give the complete and easy solution. To resize a volume, especially for a server, the first and most important task is finding a tool, a reliable partitioning tool. Who wants to see system failure or data loss after resizing? Today I introduce a "magic" server partition software – Partition Assistant Server, which is similar with Norton Partition Magic. Partition Magic is a famous partitioning utility, but after Symantec get it, it has not been updated, on October, 2011 Symantec even abandoned it with a statement on their website saying they no longer offer Partition Magic, What a pity. (Don't waste your … Continue reading

How to resize partition on Windows Server 2011/2008/2003?

Many people don't know how to resize a Windows Server partition. This page lists some tutorials resizing partitions in Windows Server editions, including Server 2003/2008 and Small Business Server 2011/2008/2003. Windows Server 2003 How to resize partition on Windows 2003? How to resize Server 2003 partition? How to resize partition on Windows 2003 Server X64? How to resize partition on Windows 2003 Server R2? Resize C drive Windows 2003 Server Windows Server 2008 How to resize partition on Windows 2008 Server? How to resize Server 2008 partition? How to resize partition on Windows 2008 Server R2? Resize C drive Windows 2008 Server Windows Small Business Server How to resize partition in SBS 2003? How to resize SBS 2008 partition? How to resize partition on SBS 2011? Hardware RAID How to resize RAID 1 partition? How to resize RAID 5 partition? VMware Resize Windows Server 2003 partition in VMware Resize Windows … Continue reading

How to extend system C: drive in Windows SBS 2008?

Have trouble resizing partition or extending SBS 2008 system C: drive? Don't worry, in this article I'll introduce how to resize SBS 2008 system partition with ease. Actually, there is no difference resize a SBS 2008 partition comparing with Windows Server 2008 normal editions, because file system and disk partition structure in Small Business Server is the same. It is easy to extend SBS 2008 system C drive with partition magic software. Shrink a data drive to release free Unallocated space and then add the free space to system volume, so no need to start from scratch. However, you should select a safe and reliable partition software, because disk partition parameters will be changed during partition resizing, an unreliable partitioning utility may cause data loss or system failure. After selecting a tool, don't resize partitions immediately, I suggest you open SBS 2008 Disk Management and find out the disk partition … Continue reading