Windows Server 2008 low disk space solution

When system C drive is running out of space, Windows Server 2008 pops up "Low Disk Space" warning. This is the most common disk space usage problem on Windows Server 2008 and it is a headache for many people, so in this article I want to share some experience how to remove low disk space alert and fix this problem completely.

Remove low disk space warning on Windows Server 2008

Windows create the low disk space warning to alert computer users when their hard drive is running low on available disk space. If you don't fix as fast as possible, you'll face to many problems, such as

  • System runs much slower.
  • Cannot install Windows updates.
  • System reboot unexpectedly or crash.

To remove low disk space alert, click the icon where it pops up, if the alert disappear and you cannot click it, don't worry, follow the steps

1. Open "My Computer", right click the partition that is running low and select "Properties".

2. In default "General" tab, click "Disk Cleanup" to free up disk space.

It costs several minutes to scan, wait.

3. In next window, select which files to delete. You may click "View Files" to check in pop-up folders.

4. To get more free space, click "Clean up system files", after that you'll see a new tab.

After these steps, you'll get GBs free disk space and Windows Server 2008 "Low Disk Space" won't pop up shortly. However, it doesn't mean you've solved this problem completely.

Why this is a headache for many people is because it costs long time to free up space and this alert pops up regularly. To fix this issue permanently, you need to extend system C drive.

See the video how to extend c drive in Windows Server 2008.

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