How to Add IIS and Other Windows Components in Windows 7

Some people like to add some Windows components after they installed operating system. Among these components, IIS may be the most common used. With IIS components, you can create FTP and WWW services, especially for web engineers.   Sometimes, I use this service, too. After I installed Windows 7 and try to add IIS components, I find that Windows 7 has changed the way to add IIS and other components, comparing to Windows XP, so I decided to write an article and share the experience how to add IIS and other components in Windows 7. How to add IIS and other components in Windows 7? 1. Open Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features or Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features (This depends on how you view the Control Panel items). 2. On top left corner, you’ll find a shortcut ‘Turn Windows features on or off’, click it. 3. Windows 7 will pop … Continue reading