How to backup server 2008 with free Windows backup software

On Feb 27th, 2008, Microsoft released the latest server operating system – Windows server 2008. Due to its new or enhanced features, for example, Server Manager, Powershell, WDS, ServerCore, BitLocker, RMS, RODC(Read Only Domain Controller), NAP(Network Access Protection), etc. More and more companies put their hands to migrate to Server 2008 from the old Server operating system. There is a question that whether Server 2008 is safe enough to avoid backing up? I think on one will answer yes, as backup data for your company’s server data is extremely important. Why you need to backup server 2008? Backup Server 2008 is quite essential to the IT administrators as data loss is quite a common problem in the field of information technology and it will cause a great loss and damage to your company. Say, if your Web Server 2008, which is used as a Web application and service platform is … Continue reading