Nondestructively Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic with Dynamic Disk converter

Do you want to convert dynamic disk to basic without data losing? If you need to convert dynamic disk to basic nondestructively, Dynamic Disk Converter will help you a lot. This article will introduce how to revert dynamic disk back to basic with the easiest way. Disadvantages of dynamic disk Dynamic disk volumes also are called software RAID, although dynamic disks contains too many advantages than the basic disks, it also bring some problems as bellow: 1. System partition on basic disk cannot be extended after converting to dynamic disk. Some people want to extend the system partition and think it can be increased after converting basic disk to dynamic, but in fact, dynamic volume still cannot be extended, especially for the system volume, many people would encounter this problem if they need to increase partition size. But due to the limitation of Disk Management, only Simple Volume and Spanned … Continue reading