Free up space in Windows Server 2003

"Low Disk Space" is common disk space usage problem in Windows Server 2003 all editions, many people don't know how to remove low disk space warning or fix this issue, so in this article, I want to give some hints maybe a "complete solution". Windows Server 2003 low disk space Windows created the "Low Disk Space" warning to alert computer users when their hard drive is running low on available disk space. It also gives you a shortcut to free space by deleting old or unnecessary files. When the system C: drive running out of disk space, it causes many problems, such as: You cannot install Windows update and expose the server to dangerous situation. No free space to install server services or applications. Server reboot unexpectedly. System crash when free space is extremely low. You'd better fix this problem as fast as possible, otherwise, you'll loss vital files and … Continue reading