Partition magic Windows 7 help you resize partition with ease

Windows 7 has been released for a long time, are you planning to install Windows 7 now or just migrate to Win 7 for a dual-boot system? If you get ready to install Win 7, you’d better prepare partition magic for Windows 7, as there are many problems after you installing Windows 7. If you have migrated or installed Windows 7, you also need partition magic Windows 7 to better manage your new operating system. In this article, I’ll introduce the common problem in Windows 7 and how to solve these problem with partition magic Windows 7. Common problem in Windows 7 1. Drive running out of space or low disk space problem. If you install Windows 7 to the original system partition, you may find that the system C drive is out of space. When you open explorer or My Computer, you’ll find the system partition is marked as … Continue reading