How to resize partition in Windows Server 2003

When talking about resizing partitions, many people know the famous program – Partition Magic, which is the first partitioning software. However, this program isn't compatible with Windows Server 2003, 2008. In technical forums, many people feedback failed to install it to Server 2003. To resize partition in Windows 2003 Server, some people try to create partition magic bootable CD, don't do that, because system compatibility is part of an application, partition resizing involves file system and the technology to move files. It is very likely to cause system boot failure or data loss if you resize server 2003 partition with Partition Magic boot CD. Just forget Partition Magic, besides the limitations, Symantec even abandoned this famous program with a statement on their website saying they no longer offer Norton Partition Magic. In this page, I'll introduce another server partition software, which is similar with Partition Magic but much more powerful. … Continue reading

How to resize Windows 2003 partition without losing data?

More and more updates and applications installed to the Windows 2003 Server system partition, browser caches, temporary files and restore points of Windows system protection can also eat up your free space quickly. When system C drive running out of spce, Windows Cleanup utility and programs uninstallation are useless to solve this problem. To start over is a solution but it may cause data losing and no one would like to waste their whole happy weekend to rebuild the Server. The fastest and easiest way is to resize Windows 2003 partition with reliable Partition Magic Server software. That is to say, shrink other data partition and get some free space to extend the system C drive, no need to start over. Which tool to resize Windows 2003 partition Partition Magic is the first and most famous partition software to resize partitions, but it doesn't support Windows Server versions and it … Continue reading