Windows 7 Boot Manager Help You Boot from Multi Operating System

Windows 7 has been released for a long time and many users have installed it. You may need Windows 7 boot manager to manage multi operating systems. For example, Windows 7 & Windows XP, Windows & Linux. In fact, Windows provides boot manager to manage multi operating systems and it helps you boot from either. Windows boot manager is easy to use. If you installed Windows XP before and you want to install Windows 7, you just need to install Windows 7 to another partition normally, after that, Windows will create a boot manager automatically. After installing Windows 7 and reboot, the boot manager will let you to choose booting from which operating system. Though Windows 7 built-in boot manager is easy to use, it also has some disadvantages. Disadvantages of Windows 7 boot manager There are two huge disadvantages of Windows boot manager. 1. To use Windows 7 boot … Continue reading