Change partition size Win7

How to change partition size on windows 7 without data loss?

Change partition size on Windows 7 After running your Windows 7 laptop or desktop for a period of time, you need to change the size of partitioned drives. For example, the system C drive is running out of space, so … Read More

Partition Editor

How to add space to c drive in windows 7 without reinstalling?

Add disk space to C drive in Windows 7 All disk partitions are allocated while installing Operating System, but you can re-size the partitioned drives when they are running out of disk space. This is the best way to reallocate … Read More

Unable to extend C drive

What to do when you can’t/unable to extend c drive in Windows 7?

Solution – cannot extend C drive in Windows 7 Disk Management Many people feedback that they can’t extend C drive in Windows 7 Disk Management. After shrinking drive D, Extend Volume is disabled for C drive, so they cannot extend … Read More

Increase C drive space

How to increase c drive space in windows 7 without data loss?

Increase C drive space on Windows 7 When system C: drive is getting full in Windows 7, you can increase C drive free space without reinstalling Windows or backing up and restoring. However, it is not an easy task to … Read More

Partition Magic Windows 7

Partition Magic for windows 7 32 and 64 bit.

Partition Magic for Windows 7 Norton PartitionMagic for Windows 7? PartitionMagic is originally made by PowerQuest, a software company that produced utility software, which is focus on computer data storage management. PowerQuest PartitionMagic is utility software for hard disk drive partitioning, … Read More

Move partition Windows 7

How to move partition drive and Unallocated space in Windows 7?

Move partition and Unallocated space on Windows 7 Cannot move partition in Disk Management Comparing with previous Windows XP, Windows 7 enhanced the ability of build-in Disk Management. With new added Shrink Volume and Extend Volume functionalities, you can decrease … Read More

Increase partition size

How to change and increase partition size on Windows Server 2019?

Change and increase partition size on Windows Server 2019? The disk drives for Operating System, backup, database, exchange and projects will become full after running the server for a period of time. In this situation, you can change partition size … Read More

Shrink D expand C

How to increase C drive space in Windows Server 2019?

How to increase C drive space on Windows Server 2019 Comparing with data volumes, system C: drive has much higher risk of running out of free space. When a data drive is getting full, you can transfer files and change … Read More