Extend C drive

Extend C drive partition on Windows Server 2016 without data loss.

Extend C drive on Windows Server 2016 without losing data Be caution of system and data When system C: drive is running out of space, if you use traditional way to back up, recreate partition and restore, it may waste … Read More

Extend Volume Server 2016

How to extend partition with Extend Volume in Windows Server 2016?

Windows Server 2016 Extend Volume functionality This page introduces the native Extend Volume function in Windows Server 2016 Disk Management, how to extend disk partition with it, its limitations and alternative choice. About Extend Volume How to use Extend Volume … Read More

Cannot extend C

1 step to fix cannot/unable to extend C drive in Windows Server 2016.

Cannot/Unable to extend C drive on Windows Server 2016 Windows Server 2016 provides native Extend Volume functionality in Disk Management to increase size of allocated partition, but many people feedback that they cannot extend C drive after shrinking D or … Read More

Cannot extend volume

1 step to fix cannot extend volume partition in Windows Server 2016.

Cannot extend volume in Windows Server 2016 This article talks about why you can’t extend partition in Windows Server 2016 with Disk Management built-in Extend Volume functionality, and what to do when you unable to extend volume. Why cannot extend … Read More

Partition manager Server 2016

Best disk partition manager for Windows Server 2016.

Disk partition manager for Windows Server 2016 The safest server partition manager Unlike read-only program, partition manager software will change the parameters of related disk partition, furthermore, all files in related partition must be moved to new locations when resizing … Read More

Shrink C partition

How to decrease/shrink c drive on Windows Server 2016?

Shrink C drive partition on Windows Server 2016 Shrink partition C with Disk Management Windows Server 2016 native Disk Management utility provides Shrink Volume functionality to decrease partition size on the fly. It is easy and fast, however, you can’t … Read More

Extend Volume greyed out

How to fix Extend Volume grayed out/disabled in Windows Server 2016?

Extend Volume disabled/greyed out in Windows Server 2016 Why Extend Volume grayed out In GPT hard disk, there are 2 common reasons why Extend Volume is unavailable. In MBR style hard disk, there is 1 additional reason. I’ll explain one … Read More

Shrink partition Server 2016

How to shrink volume partition on Windows Server 2016?

Shrink partition in Windows Server 2016 without data loss Sometimes you need to shrink hard drive to decrease partition size if it is created too large or want to create more partitions. To shrink partition on Windows Server 2016, there … Read More