On Feb 27th, 2008, Microsoft released the latest server operating system – Windows server 2008. Due to its new or enhanced features, for example, Server Manager, Powershell, WDS, ServerCore, BitLocker, RMS, RODC(Read Only Domain Controller), NAP(Network Access Protection), etc. More and more companies put their hands to migrate to Server 2008 from the old Server operating system.

There is a question that whether Server 2008 is safe enough to avoid backing up? I think on one will answer yes, as backup data for your company’s server data is extremely important.

Why you need to backup server 2008?

Backup Server 2008 is quite essential to the IT administrators as data loss is quite a common problem in the field of information technology and it will cause a great loss and damage to your company. Say, if your Web Server 2008, which is used as a Web application and service platform is crashed and you have not make a backup yet, the damage will beyond your expectation. Your clients may fail to visit your site and all the information will be lost. Things to be worse, you need to sacrifice your precious time for dating to reinstall your Server and the applications one by one. But it will be quite different if you backup Server 2008 previously with Windows backup software.

Most of commercial backup software is much expensive for users which make them turn help to some free backup software If you plan to choose server backup freeware, one thing should be confirmed that this free Windows backup software is reliable and easy for the users. In this article, I’ll introduce a great and free backup software, EASEUS Todo Backup.

What are the main features of EASEUS Todo Backup to backup Server 2008?

1. Multiform backup strategies, you can backup single partition, multi partitions of the same hard disk, and various partitions of different hard disks at the same time to an image archive.

2. Security option, you can protect the image archive with a password to encrypt, it will prevent unauthorized restoring, especially when the image archive contains sensitive data.

3. Split the archive to fit different storage size.

4. Compress the archive.

5. Restore with Linux or WinPE bootable CD.

How to backup Server 2008 with free backup software?

1. Launch EASEUS Todo Backup.

Free server software main window

2. Choose backup and select the partition you want to backup.

Select Server 2008 partition to backup

3. Select the destination position to save the image and input a name for the image.

Select the target partition to save the image

4. Choose backup options. Here are two options: “Use Default options” and “Set the option manually”.

Choose the backup option

5. The process bars will show current operation progress and total progress of Windows server backup. After all the operations finished, there will be a pop-up window with the result notification.

Backup Server 2008 process

6. Proceeding Backup

Other features for Server 2008 backup

Aside from image backup, this free backup software also provides clone disk to upgrade your older smaller disk, etc. See more features…

How to backup server 2008 with free Windows backup software
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