Online backup becomes the hot topic nowadays and many people want to know the advantage of online backup or try to find out the best online backup services. On the contrary, some people still think online backup is expensive but useless.

Local backup to external or optical drives is an excellent practice, but it can’t always protect your precious data. Just imagine that a thief break into your home and stole not only your computers but also your backup device. You may lose 25 years of computer records, from writings to family photographs, finance documents and others.

Similarly, if there’s a fire or flood or tsunami where you keep your computers and PCs, you too can say good-bye to all those digital photographs, your music collection, and anything else you’ve backed up locally—even if you’re smart enough to use online backup software and remote backup to another on-site device, like a hard-drive or NAS box.

You can, of course, store an external hard drive in a safe-deposit box, but that’s a hassle, and chances are you won’t update it monthly, let alone daily—and certainly not every time you update a file. If you want near-real time off-site backup, an online backup service is the way to go.

Where’s the best place to keep your backed-up data? Which is the best online backup software? Where to find the best online backup services?

Yes, you may ask so many questions about online backup. In my opinion, there is no best online backup software or services but there is the most suitable online backup software and services.

Common used online backup software and services

Carbonite Online PCBackup

Carbonite tries to make remote backup simple and affordable. Setting it up is a breeze, and restoring a file here or there is also a snap. But restoring a lot of data to a different PC presented some obstacles.

MozyHome Online Backup

Mozy offers reasonably priced unlimited online backup that’s highly configurable, but it could stand some usability improvements.

IDrive Online Backup

Getting started with IDrive might be more confusing than with any other online backup service, but IDrive partly redeems itself with quick uploading and many extras not found elsewhere.

These online backup services are reviewed by many editors. Today, I want to introduce the emerging online backup software – Acronis Online Backup

Acronis Online Backup

Acronis is famous for its backup software – Acronis True Image and partition management software – Acronis Disk Director. Recently, Acronis released its online backup software and services.

Acronis Online Backup key features

  • Offsite Data Protection for your files, music and pictures – Automatic, scheduled file-based backup and recovery for up to 250 GB of data
  • Web-based access to your data
  • Seamless Integration with industry-leading Acronis True Image Home
  • Government-approved data encryption
  • Adjustable settings for CPU and network bandwidth
  • Recover files from multiple points in time
  • Protect multiple PC’s and laptops with one account
  • “Set & Forget” scheduling policy

acronis online backuponline backup scheduleonline backup restore

Acronis Online Backup Helps You Remote Backup Safely and Easily
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