Why internet security software is needed?

Every time you go online, perform a download or connect to another computer or device, your system and personal/company information are at risk. Viruses and other malicious programs are released to the Internet constantly, so having a comprehensive security program on your system is absolutely necessary, a powerful internet security software suite can lower the computer security risk to your system and personal information to just about zero. Internet security software suites have everything you need to keep your information and systems safe in one program. (How to keep away from network security risks)

The fact is, there are so many internet security software in the market, how to choose the best one? Before buying an internet security software suite, you may consider the elements below, as to choose the best internet security software that suits to you is so important.

Internet security software elements

Internet security software suites include all of the necessary security elements to protect your computer and your information from Internet threats.

Spyware protects your personal information such as passwords and Internet activity. Antispyware software should defend against adware, keyloggers, trojans and more.

Viruses are real threats that you need to worry about the most. A good security program should offer nearly 100% protections and should update constantly to keep up with evolving threats.

Firewall protection is your computers first level of security and it should protect your personal information, files, registry, ports and network connections. Though Windows does include firewall protection it may not offer everything a complete security suite can offer you.

Other Security/Features
Top-ranking suites have additional security and features including anti-phishing, email and IM scanning and parental controls.

Ease of Use
The best security programs are designed so everyone can use the software regardless of their knowledge of computers.

Ease of Installation/Setup
Security suites should be simple to install and set up, and not cause application errors or bog down programs.

It is important that the manufacturers of security software provide help and support through FAQs, a user manual or a tutorial. They should also provide customer service by phone, email or online chat.

Internet security software comparison and coupon

Kaspersky Internet SecurityBitDefender Internet SecurityeScan Internet Security SuiteAcronis Backup and Security


ICSA Certified
Descriptions of Found Spyware
Real-time Blocking and Protection
Detects Adware
Detects Spyware
Detects Keyloggers
Detects Trojans
Browser Hijackers/BHO’s


ICSA Certified
VB 100% Certified
W.C.L. Level 1 Certified
W.C.L. Level 2 Certified
On-access Scanning
Real-time Scanning
On-demand Scanning
Scheduled Scanning
Heuristic Scanning
Manual Scanning
Scan Compressed Files
Auto-clean Infected Files
Quarantines Infected Files
P2P File Sharing Protection
Detailed Virus Information
Outbreak Notice


ICSA Certified
W.C.L. PC Firewall Certified
File Protection
Personal Information Protection
Registry Protection
Port Monitoring
Network Traffic Monitoring
Data Filtering


Privacy/Parental Control
Scans Emails


Website History Log
Password Protection
Automatic Program Updates
Local Data Backup
Reports and Logs

Technical Help/Support

Telephone Support
Email Support
Online Chat
User Manual/User Guide
User Forums/Blogs

Supported Configurations

Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
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