Virus and trojans are both man-made programs, belonging to computer virus. Trojan is a kind of virus. But why do we talk about and have trojan remover singularly?

You may know that initial computer viruses were programmed for sabotage. Their authors designed them to damage data on others’ computers, to terrorize others to achieve some certain purpose or some of them did that merely to show off their skills. Trojans, however, are programmed with very different purpose. They are aimed for absolute peek at others’ activities on the computer and theft for data, such as administration passwords, game accounts, stock or even bank accounts in order to pry into others’ privacy and seek economic interest, illegally, of course. Thus trojans seem much more useful than early viruses for online lawbreakers and as a result a number of bad programmers develop applications with various trojans embedded within, which leads to rampancy of trojans on today’s internet. In view of the perniciousness of trojans and difference of intention from early viruses, we discuss and deal with them apart despite they are a kind of virus.

Trojan Remover

Generally speaking, anti-trojan, which is usually peeled off from antivirus software, is more efficient trojan remover, for it only scans for trojan codes, but not normal virus codes. That is to say when anti-trojan is working, it only invokes data in trojan library to check whether the target files have matched malicious code embedded to increase checking speed. We all know that it takes a lot of time to proceed with a comprehensive scan for all viruses because there are too many, each of which should be checked through millions of codes. So doesn’t leaving out normal virus codes and having a special trojan remover to check trojan codes save a lot of time?

It is a dominant collocation to use an antivirus with some assistant tools, such as antispyware and anti-trojan, etc. As the saying goes, one might be a master in his own field of specialization, and so is software. Choosing the right tools can give you twice the result with half the effort.

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What is the Difference between Virus and Trojans
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