Do you always worry about your internet security? I have introduced Privacy Eraser to clear the history to protect your privacy. Today, l will introduce another useful tool – Hide the IP.

This is a Hide IP software which is used to change your real Internet address while browsing the World Wide Web. The software will deliver you fresh anonymous proxy server every time you activate the program. The main benefit of this software is that you can’t be traced when browsing websites. If a website is restricted for users from specified country the program can bypass that protection. By hiding your IP you will prevent receiving spam from marketers which know your interests by tracking your IP when browsing websites. You can use web based e-mail to send anonymous e-mail. Post on bulletin boards without displaying your real IP address.

What does Hide the IP do?

Easily Hide Your Online Identity – One click to completely mask your IP address. Others will see your fake IP which cannot be traced to your real IP.

Select Your IP Location – You decide which country will be indicated as your origin by simply choosing from a country list.

Surf Web Anonymously – You are protected from hackers who will try to access your fake IP instead of your real.

Send Anonymous E-mails – Hide your IP in E-mail headers. Be protected while sending emails from Yahoo!, Hotmail, GMail. Upgrading to Platinum Service will protect you in Outlook!

Bypass Restrictions – Surf websites which are restricted for your country. Surf on forums in which you were banned.

hide the ip

This is the main screen where you can select various options which will determine the IPs that you get. Select the country of the fake IP. You can also select whether you want the IP to be Transparent, Anonymous or Elite proxy. The desired speed of the connection is also an option. After the search is done, you will see information about you and your new IP. This is information about the Country of the IP, type of the IP and speed.

proxy checker

An additional feature is the Proxy Checker. You can use it to find working anonymous proxy server which you can use to Hide your IP. After the scan you can select the fastest working IP address and its type. Only with few clicks, you can paste a proxy list and then check it. Finally, by double-clicking it, you are ready to surf anonymously.

proxy server

Select from servers in USA, UK, Canada or others, and protect your connection with 256 Bit SSL technology. The protection applies not only for your browsers but for E-mail clients, chat software. Click here to find out more about the Platinum Service.

Hide the IP is useful, but remember that just use it to protect your privacy.

Hide your Real IP address with Hide the IP 2009
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