Partitionsmanager Server 2008

Best partition manager for Windows Server

Partition manager is a kind of software that helps manage disk partitions. There are many kostenloser Partitionsmanager und Serverpartitionsmanager in the market, most of which can help you create, delete, format, resize, move, merge, convert, copy partition, etc. They are very similar with the most famous partition manager – PartitionMagie. However, Partition Magic doesn’t support Server 2008 and the later editions. In addition, it is no longer for selling for several years. In this article, I’ll show you the most popular partition manager for Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2011, 2008, 2003 (R2). Best server partition manager you cannot miss.


What does this server partition manager do

Resize Partitioned Drive

Resize, move, merge and split partitioned volumes safely and easily, extend NTFS partition without reboot.


Copy, Create, Format, Delete, Explore partition. Set partition Active. Change partition label and drive letter, etc.


Partition defragment. Fix file system error. Scan bad sectors. Initialize new disk, view disk/partition properties.

Festplatte/Partition konvertieren

Convert partition between Logical and Primary. Convert MBR disk to GPT. Convert NTFS partition to FAT32.

Schutz der Datensicherheit

Hide partition. Set read-only attribute to disk. Wipe disk/partition/Unallocated space to erase sensitive data.

Erstellen von bootfähigen Medien

Create bootable CD, DVD, USB disc to do disk partition management without Operating System.

Why this partition manager server is best

As I said in the beginning, the functionalities of partition managers in the market are very similar, then why this server partition manger could be the best? Two reasons:

100% data protected

What is most important to a server? Data!

Few people know that there is system damage and data loss risk when repartitioning disk drives. For example, to change size of partitioned drive, all parameters of related hard disk, volume and files should be modified correctly, but some software related error and hardware issue such as power failure, extremely high CPU usage rate or low RAM could cause part of parameters failed to be modified. If it happens, system and data will be damaged.

Luckily, NIUBI corporation developed the innovative 1 Sekunde Rollback technology, which makes NIUBI Partition Editor the only partition software that can ensure 100% system and data intact. With the unique technology, if any software error or hardware issue occur while re-partitioning, NIUBI Partition Editor can automatically roll back the server to original status in ONE second.

What is second important to a server? Keeping online!

Every server is equipped with backup software, however, there is still a problem, what will you do if damage occur? Wast several hours even a whole day to restore and verify data, during this period, server is OFFLINE.

What will you do if something goes wrong when running NIUBI Partition Editor? Nothing! It automatically roll back to the status before repartitioning in one second. If it happens, nothing will be changed or lost, so the server could back online without damage rapidly.

Viel schneller

You won’t notice the performance difference if you don’t compare it with other tools in same environment by yourself. For example, when you Schrumpfen Sie D, um den C-Antrieb zu verlängern., all files in volume D should be moved to new locations, so the more files in it, the longer time to move. Meanwhile, the better algorithm means less time.

Durch den speziellen und optimierten Algorithmus zur Dateiverschiebung ist NIUBI Partition Editor is 30% bis 300% schneller, which is strictly tested. In most conditions, resizing and moving a drive with 500GB files can be done within an hour, but other partition software can only move 30MB to 50MB files per second, so they cost about 3,5 Stunden. Why not use a partition manager server that is much faster?

Benefits of this partition manager for server

1. Extrem einfach zu bedienen – you just need click and drag to operate, anyone without such experience can use this program well.

C-Laufwerk erweitern

2. Virtueller Modus to avoid incorrect operations, all tasks you do will be listed below Pending Operations, you can preview, undo or redo any operations. The physical disk partitions won’t be changed until you click Apply button to confirm.

3. Erweiterung der Partition ohne Neustart – close other running applications and files, you can resize volumes without rebooting server. The pending operations with tick can be done in Windows.

Virtueller Modus

4. All-in-One Werkzeugkasten – most of your disk & partition management requirements can be fulfilled, in addition, more functionalities are added continuously.

5. Multiple system and storage supported – this server partition manager is compatible with Windows Server 2016/2012/2008/2003 and Small Business Server 2012/2011/2008/2003. Hard disk with any interface, all types of hardware RAID arrays, VMware/Hper-V virtual machines, USB disk and memory cards are all supported.

6. Risikofrei – 90 day money back guarantee & 24/7 live support.

7. Multiple choices – for small business, NPE Server Edition can be registered on 2 servers to save cost. Enterprise Edition can be installed to unlimited computers and servers regardless of locations. Techniker-Edition can be used to provide profitable IT tech services to unlimited companies and individuals.

Wie man die Größe der Partition auf Windows Server ändert


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