C Drive Full Win10

Solution – C drive is getting full in Windows 10

This article introduces how to fix system C: drive full issue in Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit). Cleanup disk to remove unnecessary files and expand C drive to larger size.

Computer hardware price is much cheaper than ever before, so it is very common to use 1TB or 2TB hard disk for Windows 10 computers nowadays. To improve computer performance, more and more Solid-State Drive (SSD) are used for Operating System and applications, because the read and write speed is much faster than traditional mechanical hard disk. The large disk is used for data and backup.

In fact, no matter you use SSD or mechanical hard disk, system C: drive is getting full in Windows 10, because many kinds of files are writing into it continuously. To alert computer users, Windows convert this partition to red in File Explorer. It causes many issue if C drive is full in Windows 10, for example: Operating System runs much slower, stuck, reboot unexpectedly or even crash, so you’d better try to solve this problem as soon as possible.

What is taking up space in C drive?

There are so many kinds of files are generated every day and C drive full in Windows 10 could be caused both Windows and 3rd party applications.


It could be divided into 3 types of files:

1. Windows Updates

Due to technical bugs, security threat and other reasons, Windows automatically download and install Updates continuously. This is the top factor that cause C drive getting full, because there will be many and large Update files accumulating in C drive if you do not free up space.

2. Windows service

Windows service such as Paging File, Hibernation, Backup and Recycle Bin could take up several GBs space of each.

3. Other Windows files

Other files such as temporary, cache and logs are with small size but could be in large amount.


1. Installation 

The more applications you install, the less free space left. Some applications such as Games, Projects, Graphic and Videos eat large amount of free space.

2. Default output path

Some people like to use default settings when installing programs. It is not a good habit, you’d better install applications to other volume such as D, and change the default output path to other volumes that is in large size.

How to fix C drive full in Windows 10?

To completely fix C drive full issue, there are 3 steps you should do:

  1. Libere el espacio en disco
    Limpieza de disco de Windows 10 utility can delete many types of unnecessary files safely and easily, so you can reclaim disk space to keep computer running smoothly. In addition, there is space to install other program. This step is useful to the computer that never did this operation.
  2. Expanda la unidad C a un tamaño mayor
    With professional partition software, you can extend C drive by taking free space from other drives in the same disk. This step is important especially for the computers that C drive are created small.
  3. Use computer in right way
    Running computer correctly is not only helpful to fix C drive full issue, but also helpful to improve computer performance.

Paso 1 Libere el espacio en disco

Windows 10 native Disk Cleanup is good utility to help delete unnecessary files and reclaim disk space for C drive.

  1. Open Windows Files Explorer, right click C drive and click Propiedades.
  2. Haga clic Limpieza de discos.
  3. Click the check-box in front of the files that you want to cleanup and click VALE.Seleccionar archivos
  4. Confirme esta operación haciendo clic en Eliminar archivos.Confirmar eliminación
  5. Disk Cleanup will back to the files selection window when it complete. Click Limpiar archivos del sistema and then select the files to free up again.

Besides running standalone Disk Cleanup manually, I suggest you turn on Storage Sense, which can free up disk space automatically.

  1. Haga clic derecho Windows en la esquina inferior izquierda y seleccione SistemaHaga clic Almacenamiento. Click the switch to turn on Storage Sense.Limpieza de discos
  2. Haga clic Change how we free up space below this switch, select the Temporary Files.Seleccionar archivos

Paso 2 Expanda la unidad C a un tamaño mayor

Precaución There is system damage and data loss risk when redimensionar partición de disco, so remember to back up and use safe partition software.

Equipped with powerful 1 segunda tecnología de rollback, NIUBI Partition Edition can ensure system and data intact. If something goes wrong during the whole process, it automatically reverts your computer to original status in a flash. If it happens, nothing will be changed or damaged.

Descargar NIUBI Partition Editor Free Edition and follow the steps in the video.

Cambiar la forma de ejecutar el equipo

New files are generated in C drive every day, so you need to remove the junk files regularly and save new files to other partition.

  1. Run Windows Cleanup as monthly maintenance utility.
  2. Install new applications to other volume instead of C drive.
  3. Change the output path of the applications to other large volumes.

In Windows 10, there is new storage setting which is useful. Right click Windows en la esquina inferior izquierda y seleccione Sistema, switch to Almacenamiento. Haga clic Cambio en el que se guarda el nuevo contenido.

Change location

Change the default settings and click Apply.

Cambiar la configuración

En Resumen

To fix C drive full in Windows 10: expand C drive as large as possible, reclaim disk space with Disk Cleanup, Libere el espacio en disco once a month. Furthermore, install applications and change their output location to other large partition.