This article introduces how to extend system boot partition (c drive) on Windows 2003 Server. Expand C drive without reinstalling or losing data.

The most common disk partition issue in Windows Server 2003 is "Low Disk Space". After running this server for a period, you'll find that the system C: drive is running out of space, there is no enough free space to install Windows updates and applications. Sometimes, server reboot unexpectedly or even crash.

Learn why low disk space alert and how to free up disk space

Don't expect too much by freeing up space, because Windows cleanup utility just help you remove this warning temporarily. You cannot get large amount of free space, you'd better extend the system c drive, especially when it is created too small.

Firstly, let's see how to resize partitions and extend C: drive by taking free space from data volumes.


1. No partitioning software is able to extend system c drive by shrinking a data drive on another singe hard disk, so open "Disk Management" to check which data volume you can take free space from into system c drive.

2. Norton Partition Magic from Symantec isn't compatible with Windows Server 2003 and all partition utilities for Windows servers are commercial.

Explain how to expand c drive

Actually, this video can be divided into 2 parts. The first part shows how to extend c drive by shrinking the next contiguous data volume (D:), while the second shows how to get free space from another data drive.

In the first part, "Resize Partition" feature is similar with other partitioning tools, it is okay when there is enough free space in partition D, but if you have to take free space from drive E: or any other non-continuous drives, it is too complicated. So Aomei Partition Assistant provides unique feature – "Allocate free space", you can shrink any data partitions to expand c drive within few steps.

I've tested many partitioning software before, but I like to use this one, because it "understand" what I want to do, so the task of repartitioning becomes easier. Furthermore, it has many benefits you don't know, such as:

1. Resize partitions and extend c drive without rebooting server.

2. Besides Windows setup you can create bootable CD/DVD/USB disc. These boot discs are WinPE based, much better than Linux kernel tools.

3. Clone disk & partition, migrate OS, recover lost partitions, align partition, convert Primary partition from/to Logical partition, oh too much to list individually.

To better understand how to resize partition and extend system volume on Windows 2003 Server, you may go on reading the complete solution

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