General speaking, Hard Disk Repair related to many scenarios, for example, disk cannot be detected, partition cannot be accessed, computer fails to boot, Windows fails to read and write files, etc. These problem caused by different reasons, so to give a complete solution is very hard.

To repair hard disk, you may try the following steps:

1. If partitions lost from My Computer, you’d better check in Disk Management (Right click My Computer > Manage > Storage > Disk Management).

If the disk is there and all partition information are correct, the only problem is that there is no drive letter for the partition, then right click this partition and assign a drive letter.

If the disk disappears, then enter BIOS to check, different computers have different shortcut key. Reboot your computer and press Del+Ctrl+Alt, F1, ESC or others. If there is no such disk in BIOS, it means your hard disk is physically damaged, you’d better disconnect it. To repair this disk, you’d better sent to a company. If this problem is caused by logic board, change another some logic board would solve this problem, see this story If this problem caused by bad internal disk, Spindle motor or Heads, you cannot do anything, as you have to open the disk drive, but you cannot provide a no dust environment. (Learn more about hard disk components)

Generally, you won’t encounter such disasters.

2. If your disk still exists, but there is loud noise from your hard drive, it means there is physical problem, too. You have to stop using it again, as more operation could make things worse.

3. It is lucky if there are no such scenarios above, as you can repair disk drive yourself now. The common drive problem but you may ignore is bad sectors, please refer How to repair bad sectors article.

4. Another common problem relates to hard disk repair is that the partition cannot be accessed. When you open a partition, Windows prompts to format this partition, so you need to repair this disk partition. It means that the boot sector of this partition is damaged, to do hard disk repair, see this article Fix boot sector of FAT and NTFS partition.

5. The last thing of hard drive repair relates to booting Windows. This is the most complex, as there are so many error messages. You’d better search the specific error message in Google.

If there is no error message, you may follow the steps below:

  • Check Power Supply.
  • Check all connections.
  • If there is no problem, but the Monitor light is blinking, open the Chassis, and clear the dust and re-plugin the RAW, Graphics card, etc.

If you have any other suggestions, please leave a comment and share your experience with others.

Hard disk repair – how to repair hard disk.
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