Server di riparazione 2012

Windows Server 2012 repartition hard drive

This article introduces how to repartition disk drive on Windows Server 2012 R2. Repartitioning Server 2012 disk volume without losing data.

Repartition with Server 2012 Disk Management

As we know, the size of C: drive is allocated while installing Operating System, but it is very likely running out of space after a period of time. Many people ask whether it is possible to repartition Server 2012 hard disk drives without starting over. Yes, of course.

If you just want to shrink a large volume to create new, or expand a volume by deleting another one, Server 2012 built-in Disk Management utility can help you without software. It is very easy to use, fast and able to repartition disk drive on the fly.

Steps to repartition hard drive with Server 2012 Disk Management:

To shrink hard drive:

  1. Stampa Finestre e Tasto R sulla tastiera, digitare diskmgmt.msc e premere Entra per aprire la Gestione Dischi.
  2. Right click a drive and select Volume degli strizzacervelli.
  3. Inserire la quantità di spazio e fare clic su Ritiro to start.

Volume degli strizzacervelli

To extend hard drive:

  1. Right click the partition with contiguous Unallocated space and select Estendere il volume.
  2. Basta cliccare Prossimo fino a Finitura in the Extend Volume Wizard window.

Procedura guidata per l'estensione del volume

Limitation of Server 2012 DM to repartition disk

No matter you use GUI Disk Management or DiskPart command to repartition Server 2012 disk volumes, in some situations you cannot achieve, because both Windows built-in utilities have same limitations:

When shrinking a volume:

  • FAT32 partition is not supported.
  • Unallocated space can only be generated on the destro side.
  • Can’t shrink volume in some conditions.

When extending a volume:

  • FAT32 partition is not supported.
  • Only the drive with adjacent Unallocated space on its destro side can be extended.
  • Disk space deleted from a Primary partition can’t be extended to any Logico partition, and vice versa.

Can't extend volume

Repartition Server 2012 hard drive with software

Comparing with Windows Disk Management and Diskpart command prompt, NIUBI Partition Editor is much more powerful.

  • Both NTFS and FAT32 partitions are supported.
  • Shrink a volume and produce Unallocated space on either side.
  • Unallocated space can be combine to any contiguous partition no matter it is Primary or Logical.
  • Unallocated space can be moved and combined to any nonadjacent partition.
  • If there is is no other volume or not enough free space in all other partitions of the same disk, NIUBI can help clone to another larger disk.
Scaricare NIUBI Partition Editor and you’ll see all disk partitions on the right, available operations to selected disk or partition are listed on the left or by right clicking.

NIUBI Editor

Right click a hard drive (here is D) and select “Resize/Move Volume”.

If you drag left border rightwards in the pop-up window:

Shrink D rightwards

Unallocated space is produced on the a sinistra lato azionamento D.

Ridimensionamento dell'unità D

Clic destro del mouse C drive and select “Resize/Move Volume” again, trascinare il bordo destro verso destra nella finestra pop-up.

Estendere l'unità C

Unallocated space is combined into C drive.

Azionamento C esteso

If you drag right border leftwards in the pop-up window:

Shrink D leftwards

Unallocated space is produced on the destro lato azionamento D.

Unallocated produced

Clic destro del mouse E drive and select “Resize/Move Volume” again, drag left border leftwards nella finestra pop-up.

Extend drive E

Unallocated space is combined into E drive.

Drive E extended

If you want to extend hard drive C but the Unallocated space is on the right side of D, you should move Unallocated space next to C drive first.

Unità con il tasto destro del mouse D and select “Resize/Move Volume”, trascinare la posizione centrale verso destra nella finestra pop-up.

Move partition D

Then, Unallocated space is moved from right of D to the left side.

As the safest Windows disk partition tool, NIUBI Partition Editor provides 1 secondo Rollback technology to ensure system and data intact. If any software error or hardware issue occur, it is able to reverts the server to original status in a flash. If it happens, server could back online in a short time and nothing will be changed or damaged.

It also provides Modalità virtuale to avoid incorrect operations, Annulla a volontà technology to cancel wrong but ongoing operations, Dimensioni a caldo to extend volume on the fly, unique File-Moving algorithm to help repartition hard drive much faster.

Besides repartitioning Server 2012 disk drives, NIUBI helps you do many other operations.