Can't shrink C

Solution – can’t shrink C drive partition in Windows 10

Sometimes you need to shrink C drive, for example: you forget to edit and create partition when installing Windows 10, so C drive occupy all disk space. In that case, you can create more volumes by shrinking C drive to release free space. If drive D is running out of space, you can also shrink C to extend it.

To shrink C drive, Windows 10 has Shrink Volume in native Disk Management utility, but many people feedback that they unable to shrink C drive. In this article, I’ll explain why you can’t shrink C drive in Windows 10 Disk Management and easy method to solve this problem.

Why cannot shrink partition C: in Windows 10 DM

There are 2 common reasons why you can’t shrink C: drive in Windows 10 Disk Management: inconsistent available space and unmovable files. I’ll explain one by one.

Motivo 1 Inconsistent available space

Actually, it is very easy to shrink system partition and data drives with Disk Management, simply right click this partition to select Shrink Volume functionality and then encounter the amount of space to shrink.

When shrinking a partition with Shrink Volume, Disk Management will calculate the used and available disk space to shrink, the default amount is maximum available space. In my computer, the available amount of space is 150264MB.

Inserire l'importo

As we know, many types of files are writing into C drive continuously, so the available space maybe less than 150264MB when clicking Shrink. That means, you can’t shrink C drive with default maximum space. I did this and I received the error message “Non c'è abbastanza spazio disponibile sui dischi per completare questa operazione..”

Messaggio di errore

In this situation, do not use the default maximum space, enter smaller amount to try.

Motivo 2 Unmovable files

It is easy to fix the issue by reason 1, but if you encounter the second issue, you need professional disk partition software.

In my another test computer, I shrank C drive to smaller size without issue, but when I do it again, Disk Management shows 0 and Shrink button is greyed out. As you see, there is still 7.53GB free space in C: drive, but Disk Management doesn’t allow to shrink it.

Can't shrink C

Have you noticed the tip in the middle: You cannot shrink a volume beyond the point where any unmovable files are located.

What does it mean?

For example, C drive is made up of 4 blocks. If the unmovable files are located in block 3, you cannot shrink C drive to block 2 or 1, although there is free space there. The unmovable files include Paging file, Hibernation and other large files.

Shrink C drive

What to do when can’t shrink C drive in DM

As I said above, you need professional partitioning software in this situation. The files that are unmovable to Disk Management can be moved with NIUBI Partition Editor. In addition, Windows DM can only shrink C drive to left side and generate Unallocated on right side, but NIUBI can shrink C drive to either side.

Scaricare NIUBI Partition Editor, right click C drive and select Resize/Move Volume.

Ridimensionare il volume

If you drag the right border leftwards in the pop-up window:

Shrink C drive

Unallocated space will be produced on the right side.

Azionamento a C ritirato

If you drag the left border rightwards:

Shrink C drive

Unallocated space will be produced on the left side.

Ridimensionamento dell'unità C

You can shrink C drive to minimum size with NIUBI, but it is not suggested.

Watch the video how to shrink partition on Windows 10: