Move unallocated space

Add/Transfer/Move/Merge Unallocated space to C drive in Windows 7

Comparing with all previous Windows versions, Windows 7 is much more beautiful and powerful, however, the annoying disk space usage issue still exists. Many Windows 7 users have encountered the problem that C drive is running out of disk space. The people who created small C drive, or installed large amount of programs especially for Games, Projects, Pictures, Videos, etc. are more likely to see such low disk space issue.

Though Windows 7 Disk Management has built-in Shrink and Extend Volume feature to change partition size, but it cannot move partition or Unallocated space, which cause you have to use third party software in most cases. In this article I’ll show you how to transfer/move Unallocated space to another location and combine/merge Unallocated space to C drive in Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit).

Combine unallocated space

How to get Unallocated space

Besides creating new volumes, Unallocated space can be added to other volumes to increase partition size. To get Unallocated space, you can accomplish in Windows 7 Disk Management without any software. There are two ways to get Unallocated space:

  1. By deleting a drive
  2. By shrinking a drive

It is very easy to generate Unallocated space by deleting volume:

  1. Press Windows and R key on keyboard, types ‘diskmgmt.msc‘ and click OK to open Disk Management.
  2. Right click the drive and select Delete Volume.

To get Unallocated space by shrinking, it requires more steps:

  1. Open Disk Management.
  2. Right click the drive and select Shrink Volume.
  3. Enter the amount of free space and click Shrink.

Shrink volume

In most of the Windows computers, C drive is getting full but there is enough free space in the adjacent drive D. Programs are installed in partition D, so you cannot delete it to get Unallocated space, the only way is shrinking it.

It is easy to do this, but you cannot add/combine Unallocated space to C drive, because Extend Volume is disabled when you right click C drive.

Cannot extend C drive

From Microsoft explanation, Extend Volume only works when there is adjacent Unallocated space on the right side. As you see, Unallocated space is generated on the right side of D after shrinking, so I can’t extend C drive except moving Unallocated space to the left side of drive D. Windows 7 Disk Management cannot move Unallocated space, so you need to run professional partition software.

How to transfer/move Unallocated space

Download NIUBI Partition Editor, the same with Disk Management, there is an 20GB Unallocated space behind drive D.

NIUBI Professional

Right click drive D and select Resize/Move Volume, drag the middle position rightwards in the pop-up window.

Move partition D

Unallocated space is moved to the left side of drive D. (If you want to transfer Unallocated space to behind Drive E, right click E and select Resize/Move Volume, drag the middle position leftwards.)

Partition D moved

Click Apply on top left to move, when it complete right click C drive in Disk Management, Extend Volume is activated.

Extend Volume activated

You may combine Unallocated space to extend C drive with either Disk Management or NIUBI Partition Editor.

How to add/merge Unallocated space to C drive

Right click C drive and select “Resize/Move Volume” again, drag the right border rightwards in the pop-up window to combine the Unallocated space.

Extend C drive

C drive space is extended to 50GB by merging the 20GB Unallocated space.

Merge Unallocated to C

The “Resize/Move Volume” function can merge Unallocated space to C drive or other volume when they are adjacent. If they are nonadjacent, simply move Unallocated space to either left or right side.

In Summary

Windows 7 Disk Management cannot produce Unallocated space on the left side with Shrink Volume, or move Unallocated space, thus Extend Volume is useless in most cases. With NIUBI Partition Editor, you can generate Unallocated space on either side when shrinking. Drag the middle position towards the other side, you can move Unallocated space, drag either borer towards the other side, you can combine/merge Unallocated space in Windows 7.

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