How to increase disk space for Windows המחשב

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מאמר זה מציג כיצד להגדיל את שטח הדיסק ב- Windows 10/8/7 without losing data. Increase disk space in C drive or other partition on laptop/desktop, and how to increase disk space for RAID and virtual machine.

The disk space of all drives are allocated while installing Windows or by OEM manufacturers, but the free space may exhaust, especially for system C drive. In this situation, it can't be better if you can increase disk space in C drive with free space in other partitions, so you can solve this problem without reinstalling Operating System and tons of programs.

In this article, I'll show you how to increase disk space in Windows 10/8/7 with detailed steps. Select the corresponding method according to your own disk partition configuration.

How to increase disk space of a partition without software

Windows 10/8/7 יליד ניהול דיסק מספק פסיכולוג נפח ו הרחב את הנפח פונקציות כדי לעזור לשנות גודל של מחיצה שהוקצתה לטוס. עם זאת, אתה לא יכול להאריך מחיצה by shrinking another one, because it has limitations:

So the only way to increase disk space of a partition in Windows 10 ניהול הדיסק הוא על ידי מוחק the adjacent partition on the right. For example how to הגדלת גודל המחיצה of D drive:

  1. העבר את כל הקבצים בכונן E למחיצה אחרת.
  2. עיתונות Windows + X  hot-keys on keyboard and then click ניהול דיסק.
  3. לחץ לחיצה ימנית על הכונן E: ובחר מחק את אמצעי האחסון.
  4. לחץ לחיצה ימנית על הכונן D: ובחר הרחב את הנפח.
  5. נְקִישָׁה הַבָּא כדי להשלים את להאריך אשף אמצעי אחסון.

In most of computers, programs are installed in drive D, so do not delete it to expand C drive.

Increase space of D

If you cannot or do not want to delete partition, you have to run third party software.

How to increase disk space in C drive with another partition

עם NIUBI Partition Editor, you can increase disk space of a drive in Windows 10/8/7 with free space in another partition without losing data. Comparing with Disk Management, it has many advantages such as:

Comparing with other disk partition software, NIUBI has unique 1 חזרה חוזרת, מצב וירטואלי ו בטל-ב-טוב technologies to protect system and data. It has free edition for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP משתמשי מחשבים ביתיים.

הורדה the free edition and you'll see all storage device with partition layout and detailed parameters on the right.

Main window

How to increase disk space in C on laptop/desktop running Windows 10/8/7:

שלב 1: מקש ימני D: נהיגה (the contiguous partition on the right of C) ובחר "Resize/Move Volume", גרור גבול שמאלי לקראת תקין בחלון המוקפץ.

Shrink D

Then part of free space in D drive is converted to Unallocated on the עזבו צַד.

Shrink D rightwards

שלב 2: לחץ לחיצה ימנית על הכונן C ובחר "Resize/Move Volume"שוב, גרור גבול ימין towards right to combine this Unallocated space in the pop-up window.

Extend C drive

Then C drive disk space is increased.

Extend volume C

To avoid wrong operations, this software is designed to work in virtual mode. To change real disk partitions, click Apply on top left to take effect. Full solution to הרחב את כונן C פנימה Windows 10/8/7 with another partition or disk.

How to increase free space with another disk

If you want to increase a 256GB physical disk to 512GB, it is impossible, because the size of a physical disk is fixed. Instead, you can copy this disk to a larger one. While cloning disk, all partitions inside of it can be extended with extra disk space.

Watch the video how to increase space of partitions by copying to another disk in Windows 10/8/7:

Video guide

How to increase disk space/size for RAID and virtual machine

If you use hardware RAID array or VMware/Hyper-V, you can increase size of the virtual disk. To hardware RAID, you'd better contact the vendor and confirm if your RAID controller can rebuild array without losing data and ask for the guide how to realize. To virtual machine, it's much easier, follow the steps to הגדל את גודל הדיסק הווירטואלי ב - VMware or Hyper-V.

אם אתה רק רוצה increase disk space of a virtual partition on RAID array or virtual disk, simply follow the steps above, there's no difference.

Besides reduce partition size and increase disk space in Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, NIUBI Partition Editor עוזר לך לבצע פעולות רבות אחרות.