Windows Server 2008 disk partition tools

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This article introduces native and XNUMXrd party disk partition tool for Windows Server 2008 RXNUMX. Run safe and reliable partitioning tool to manage disk partitions.

Hard disk drive is an indispensable component to a server, you need a reliable disk partition tool for this storage device. There are XNUMX kinds of tools - Windows native Disk Management and third party software. This article introduces the ability, advantages and disadvantages of both tools, select the right one according to your requirement.

Native disk partition tool for Server XNUMX

אותו דבר עם גרסאות אחרות, Windows Server 2008 has native Disk Management utility, which can be used to do some basic management operations such as create, delete and format partition.

Right click the partition or disk and you'll see the available operations:

Partition operations

Disk operations

Comparing with previous Server XNUMX, Windows Server 2008 improve the ability by adding new פסיכולוג נפח ו הרחב את הנפח פונקציות כדי לעזור שינוי גודל מחיצה שהוקצתה without losing data. However, not all partitions can be shrank and extended.

  • Only NTFS format partitions are supported.
  • It can only לכווץ מחיצה to left and make Unallocated space on the right.
  • It can only extend the partition when there's adjacent Unallocated space on the right.

Therefore, Disk Management לא יכול להאריך מחיצה by shrinking other one. It can only shrink NTFS partition to create new, or extend NTFS partition by deleting the contiguous partition on its right side.

Extend greyed out

Powerful and reliable server partition tool

As the safest XNUMXrd party disk partition tool for Windows Server 2008 and other Servers, NIUBI Partition Editor provides much more features. Besides the basic ability to create, delete, format partition and change drive letter, it is able to shrink, extend, move and merge partitions to optimize space usage without losing data. Clone disk partition to migrate OS and data, convert disk partition type, etc.

הורדה it and you'll see the main window with disk partition structure and other information on the right. Available operations to highlighted disk or partition are listed on the left or by right clicking.

Partition Editor

פעולות זמינות למחיצה:

  • שינוי גודל נפח (לכווץ ולהאריך)
  • העבר את מיקום המחיצה
  • מיזוג שני כרכים סמוכים על ידי צעד אחד
  • Copy volume לחלל הלא מוקצה
  • המר מחיצה בין לוגית ראשונית
  • המר NTFS ל- FAT32
  • Change drive letter (כגון D :)
  • שנה תווית (הוסף או שנה את שם המחיצה)
  • הגדר כפעיל
  • בדוק את שלמות מערכת הקבצים
  • בצע איחוי לשיפור הביצועים
  • הסתר מסייר הקבצים
  • מחק (ניתן לשחזר קבצים)
  • פרמט אמצעי האחסון לשימוש כחדש
  • מחק (מחק נתונים לצמיתות)
  • בדיקת שטח (סרוק מגזרים רעים)
  • חקור (הצגת קבצים / תיקיות עם מדריך)
  • הצג מאפיינים

Partition tool

פעולות זמינות לדיסק כולו:

  • אתחל דיסק חדש לגמרי
  • שנה סטטוס למצב לא מקוון או מקוון
  • הגדר תכונה לקריאה בלבד
  • מחק את הדיסק (לא ניתן לשחזר)
  • בדיקת שטח
  • הצג מאפיינים
  • Clone disk להעביר נתונים ומערכת הפעלה
  • המרת דיסק MBR ל- GPT
  • מחק את כל המחיצות
  • דיסק ניקוי

יתרונותיו של NIUBI Partition Editor

Comparing with other disk partition tools for Windows Server 2008, NIUBI Partition Editor is much faster and safer because of its unique and innovative technologies.

1 חזרה חוזרת

Data is most important to a server, but there is הסיכון of losing data when modify disk partitions, because the parameters of all related disk, partition and files should be changed absolutely correct. Some software error or hardware issue could cause part of the parameters failed to be modified. In that case, system and/or data will be damaged. So it is very important to back up and use safe partition tool.

NIUBI Partition Editor has innovative XNUMX Second Rollback technology to protect system and data. If anything goes wrong, it automatically reverts the server to original status in a flash like nothing happened, so the server could back online in a short time without damage.


מצב וירטואלי

מצב וירטואלי

This disk partition tool is designed to work in its own virtual mode. The operations you do won't take effect immediately. Instead, they'll be listed as pending on bottom left for preview. If you did something wrong or changed your mind, simply click Undo to cancel. Real disk partition won't be modified until you click Apply כדי לאשר.

Cancel at well

What to do if you did something wrong but the modification has began? Other disk partitioning tool won't allow cancelling the ongoing operations from the beginning or beyond XNUMX%, because the cancellation leads to part of parameters unable to be modified. In that case, system and/or data will be damaged.

With the help of בטל-ב-טוב טכנולוגיה, you can cancel the ongoing operations at any progress without losing data.

Cancel at well

Faster file-moving

File moving

When you shrinking a partition towards right or moving this partition, the start position is changed, so all files in this partition will be moved to new locations, too. It costs much more time especially when there are large amount of files in this partition. A good algorithm is very important to reduce time. Thanks to the unique file-moving algorithm, NIUBI Partition Editor is XNUMX% to XNUMX% faster than any other disk partition tools.

שינוי גודל חם

Keeping online is also important to a server, but when you modify hard disk drives, some modifications require server rebooting to execute. With the help of Hot-Resize technology, NIUBI Partition Editor has less probability to reboot. Even if rebooting is unavoidable, NIUBI can finish the modification much faster.

The pending operations with לבדוק ניתן לעשות ב Windows, ואלה עם לאתחל requires reboot.

שינוי גודל חם

Because of the enhanced data protection and fast resizing ability, full set of features and easy to use, NIUBI Partition Editor is the first choice when you search for a reliable disk partition tool for Windows Server 2008, XNUMX, XNUMX, XNUMX and XNUMX.