Disk partition tool

Disk Partition Tool for Windows Server 2012

This article introduces the best disk partition tool for Windows Server 2012 (R2), the safest and fastest partition software for Server 2012, 2016, 2019.

Hard disk is the indispensable component to a server, no matter you use traditional mechanical disk, SSD or hardware RAID arrays. You need reliable tool for the server to optimize and manage disk partition volumes, for example:

  • Create, delete and format partition.
  • Shrink, extend, merge and move partition to optimize disk space usage.
  • Copy disk and partition to migrate Operating System and data.
  • Convert disk and partition type in some situations.

Server 2012 native disk partition tool

The same with client OS and previous server version, Windows Server 2012 (R2) has built-in Disk Management tool. If you just need basic operations to create, delete, format partition or change drive letter, this native partition tool can help you easily. In addition, it has limited ability to shrink and extend allocated partitions.

This native tool is easy to use, but if you want to do other advanced operations, you need 3rd-party disk partition software.

Disk partition tool

Partition software for Windows Server 2012

There are many partitioning software that has the basic and advanced functionalities listed above, the GUI and the ways to operate are also similar, however, there are several points that are important but many administrators don’t know.

1. System and data safety

The most common reason why using partition software for Windows Server is because low free disk space. The partitions for Operating System, database, backup and projects are very likely running out of space, you can resize these partitions without starting over.

However, there is potential system and data damage risk with unreliable partition software, because the parameters of related disk partition and files must be modified absolutely correct. Software error and hardware issue could cause part of parameters failed to be modified.

Better than other disk partition tool, NIUBI Partition Editor provides unique 1 Second Rollback technology, which is able to automatically reverts server to original status in a flash if any software or hardware issue happens. Backup software can protect system and data, it is also needed before any operations, but it costs such a long time to restore and verify data.

2. Time and efficiency

When you moving a partition, shrink a partition towards right, or extend a volume towards left, all files in these partitions should be moved. The more files, the longer time.

Because of the optimized file-moving algorithm, you will experience 30% – 300% increase in speed while resizing and moving partition with NIUBI Partition Editor. This is also very important to a server especially when such operations require server reboot. Nobody likes to see even 1 second longer offline to a server.

File moving

3. Avoid mistake

If you repartition hard drive with Windows Disk Management or DiskPart command, you can’t see the result until press Enter to execute. If you did something wrong, you have to waste a long time to repartition.

All commercial server partition tool software provide internal “Virtual Mode”, all operations you do will be listed as pending, you can redo, undo or cancel the pending operations. Real disk partitions won’t be changed until click Apply to confirm.

This virtual mode is useful, but there is still a problem: most of the partition software can’t cancel the operations after you clicked Apply to confirm.

Because the cancellation causes part of parameters unable to be modified, that means 100% system and/or data damage. So these software don’t allow cancelling from the beginning or over 50%. Because of its Rollback and another special technology, NIUBI Partition Editor allows you to cancel the ongoing operations at any progress safely.

4. Avoid server reboot

It can’t be better to manage disk partitions on the fly, most of the server partition tools do not require reboot to install, but some operations related to system disk and partition such as copying and shrinking require reboot.

With the help of Hot-Resize technology, NIUBI Partition Editor can finish most of the operations in Windows. Furthermore, in the pending list, it shows each operation if requires reboot.

  • The ones marked as Check can be finish in Windows.
  • The ones marked as Reboot requires reboot.

Tips If you find a pending operation that requires reboot, you may close NIUBI, close other running applications and opening files/folders, and then repartition with NIUBI.

Pending operations

This partition tool supports Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019 and previous Server 2008, 2003. Local/removable hard disk, VMware, Hyper-V, all types of hardware RAID arrays, USB disk and cards are all supported.