Free Partition Magic alternative for Windows

PartitionMagic is so famous that many people still search it by Google or talk about in the forums. I also received feedback asking me is there a way to run Partition Magic for Windows 10 or Windows 7. It seems that many people have similar question, so in this article I’ll share something about Partition Magic.

Free partition magic

Is Partition Magic free?

From the first version of PowerQuest Partition Magic to the last version Norton Partition Magic 8.0.5, Partition Magic is NOT free. (PartitionMagic is developed by PowerQuest, on December 5, 2003 Symantec acquired PowerQuest and changed the name to Norton PartitionMagic.)

Forget PowerQuest/Norton PartitionMagic

On May 5, 2004, PartitionMagic 8.0.5 was released under Symantec and no more release from then on. PartitionMagic 8.0.5 supports Windows XP, however, Symantec did not offer any update, so PartitionMagic does not support well on XP sp2 or XP sp3.

Microsoft brings big innovation to Windows Vista. Boot manager is changed, new file system is added, so PartitionMagic does NOT support Windows Vista and later editions. Some people ask whether it is possible to build PartitionMagic portable, that means create bootable CD/DVD or USB disc to use without Operating System. Don’t do this! The portable version solved the problem of installation to Windows, but as I said, boot manager and some file system are not supported. System and partitions are very likely to be damaged.

On December 8, 2009, Symantec website officially states, “Sorry, we no longer offer Norton Partition Magic.”

Partition Magic

So it’s time to find Partition Magic alternative. If you use Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP, there is free alternative of PartitionMagic.

Partition Magic free alternative

Search the best free partition software by Google and you’ll find NIUBI Partition Editor Free. It is similar with but much more powerful than Partition Magic.

Partition Editor Free

What does Partition Editor Free do?

Repartition Disk Drives

It helps resize, move, merge and split partitioned volumes safely and easily, extend NTFS partition without reboot.

Partition Management

Set partition Active. Copy, Create, Format, Delete, Explorer partition. Change partition label and drive letter, etc.

System Optimization

Fix file system error. Scan bad sectors. Partition defragment. Initialize new disk, view disk/partition properties.

Disk/Partition Conversion

Convert Logical partition from/to Primary. Convert MBR disk to GPT. Convert NTFS partition to FAT32.

Data Security

Hide partition. Set disk read-only attribute. Wipe disk/partition/Unallocated space to erase sensitive data.

Bootable Media

Create bootable CD/DVD/USB disc to do disk partition management without Operating System. (upgrade to Pro)

Unlike other free partition software that is locked many functionalities and integrated advertisement or plugins, NIUBI Partition Editor Free is 100% free and clean. Except bootable media and 1 Second Rollback technology, it is absolutely the same with paid versions. In addition, it provides the same 24*7 free live support.

About 1 Second Rollback technology

Built in NIUBI Partition Editor and is tremendous innovation in disk management industry. Different with other tools that have potential risk of losing data or damage system while repartitioning hard drives, NIUBI Partition Editor can ensure 100% system and data intact. If any software or hardware issue occur while re-partitioning, it can automatically roll back the computer to original status in ONE second. If it happens, nothing will be changed or lost.

Another main benefit of the free partition magic is much faster, because of the unique file-moving algorithm, NPE is 30% to 300% faster than any other tools. Saving much time especially when there are large amount of files in the partition that you want to resize.

Why not use a partition software that is safe and much faster?