Merge partitions Server 2016

Merge two partitions on Windows Server 2016

Sometimes you need to merge two disk partitions, for example: when a partition is running out of disk space, by merging another drive, free space will be transferred to this partition. As we know, it is not a good idea to create single C drive in a disk and throw everything into it, but you may create too many partitions. In this situation, you can decrease the number of drives by merging them together.

In this article, I’ll show you how to merge/combine partitions in Windows Server 2016 without losing data.

Merge partitions Server 2016

Solution 1 Merge partitions with Disk Management

Windows Server 2016 native Disk Management utility has no “Merge Volume” feature, but you can combine two partitions with “Volume uitbreiden” indirectly.

Steps to merge partitions in Server 2016 Disk Management:

Stap 1 Back up or transfer files in drive E to other place.

Stap 2 Druk op Ramen en X on keyboard and then select Schijfbeheer.

Stap 3 Klik met de rechtermuisknop op station E en selecteer Volume verwijderen, the disk space will be converted to Unallocated.

Volume verwijderen

Stap 4 Klik met de rechtermuisknop op station D en selecteer Volume uitbreiden.

Volume uitbreiden

Stap 5 Extend Volume Wizard will be launched, simply click Volgende till Afwerking.

Volume Wizard uitbreiden

In a while, the Unallocated space that is deleted from drive E merged into D.

Partities samengevoegd

Solution 2 Combine partitions with software

Third party partition software such as NIUBI Partition Editor provides “Merge Volume” function, so you can combine partitions in Windows Server 2016 directly.

Steps to merge partitions in Server 2016 with NIUBI:

Stap 1 Downloaden NIUBI Partition Editor, right click drive D or E and select Merge Volume.

Merge Volume

Stap 2 Click the checkbox in front of both D: and E:, and then click the drop-down box on bottom to select destination drive. If you select D:, partition E will be merged into D.

Merge partitions Server 2016

Stap 3 Klik GOED and back to the main window, where you’ll see that partition D and E are combined together. There is a pending operation “Merge volume E: to D:” added on bottom left. Click “Apply” on top left to execute.

Tip NIUBI Partition Editor is designed to work in virtual mode, the operations you do won’t be executed immediately, instead, they’ll be listed as pending for preview. You may click Undo to cancel the unwanted operations or click Apply to execute.

Partities samengevoegd

Open partition D after it finish, as you see, there is a new folder named as “E to D (date and time)” created. All files in partition E are moved to this folder automatically.

New folder

Shortage of merging partition drive

Comparing with Windows Disk Management, NIUBI Partition Editor is easier and files can be moved automatically. You may use either solution above to merge two data partitions.

However, if you want to combine partition D to C, it is NOT a good idea. In most of the servers, programs and part of Windows services are running from partition D, they’ll stop working after merging, because partition D will be deleted.

Als u wilt verleng de C-aandrijving or other partitions, the best way is by shrinking another drive, so Operating System, programs, Windows service and anything else keeps the same after partition resizing.

Watch the video how to shrink and extend partition on Windows Server 2016:


To merge disk partitions in Windows Server 2016, you may either use native Disk Management or 3rd-party software. Remember to back up or transfer data before running Disk Management. To merge hard drive in Server 2016, NIUBI Partition Editor is much easier. You just need several clicks and files will be moved automatically.

If your aim is to increase size of a partition, I suggest you resize partition instead of merging, so you won’t lose any partition and everything keeps the same.