Why do computer servers, especially Server users need to resize RAID 1 partition? Generally speaking, they need to repartition RAID regularly in order to optimize the usage of their sever computers. A typical example is the system partition on the hardware RAID is running out of space.

By traditional method, you have to backup the files, delete the partitions, rebuild the hardware RAID and restore the data again. What a time-consuming task!

This article will tell you more about RAID 1 and give you a best solution to resize RAID 1 partition directly and safely.

What is RAID 1?

RAID 1 – Disk mirroring. Optimized for Redundancy RAID 1 uses mirroring to write data to multiple drives. This means that when you write a file, the file is actually written to two disks. If one of the disks fails, you can simply replace it and rebuild the mirror. The tradeoff with RAID 1 is cost. With RAID 1, you must purchase double the amount of storage space that your data requires. Minimum number of drives: 2 Strengths: Very high performance; Very high data protection. Weaknesses: High redundancy cost overhead; Because all data is duplicated, twice the storage capacity is required.

What is the common problem when the system partition space is low?

If the system partition is out of space, you'll find that it is beef-witted and you cannot install any other applications. Moreover, you cannot defrag the partition, impossible to upgrade the operating system. The most important, there is huge risk of system crash. Is it possible to resize RAID 1 system partition in a safe and easy way? The answer is yes and this article will introduce a great solution to resize RAID 1 partitions directly and quickly without destroying data. In fact, after you build a RAID array, the virtual disk is detected by Windows as a physical hard disk, no matter which RAID array you built. If you encountered this problem, you'd better follow the steps below to resize the RAID 1 partition immediately.

How to resize RAID 1 partition with Partition Magic Server?

Partition Magic Server is the Server partition software that designed for Windows Server 2008/2003/2000, both 32 and 64 bit. It helps you resize, merge, extend partition fast and safely. It is not only a partition software, but also a toolkit for you to better manage and maintain the Server machine. Steps to resize RAID 1 partition.

Step 1, Launch Partition Magic Server, you'll see all disks and partitions that connected to your Server and free space, used space and other properties of each partition.

Resize boot partition

Right-click the data partition and select "Resize", in the pop-up window, drag the left border rightwards to shrink it.

Shrink data partition

There will be some Unallocated space behind the system partition.

Unallocated space created

Step 2, Right-click the system partition and select "Resize", in the pop-up window, drag the right border rightwards to hold the Unallocated space.

Extend system boot partition

Click "Apply" to proceed, done.

Partition resized

Now you have a "new" Server that can be used for a long time again.

For enterprise users, Unlimited Edition allows unlimited usage within your company to save time and money.

Download the trial freely and check how easy it is to repartition RAID 1 array virtual drives.