If you accidentally deleted or lost a partition containing important data, what can you do to access the important data on the deleted or lost partition? The best solution is to use partition recovery software  to recover your lost partition. Partition Table Doctor is a magic partition recovery software for computer users to recover lost or deleted partitions and repair your partition problems, say, partition cannot be accessed

Partition Table Doctor can help you to repair partition table and recover lost or deleted partitions except for physical damage, or hard disk (or other storage medium) failure. It is safe to use for only recovering your partitions through modifying partition table or boot sector, which means the software will never attempt to write to data area of the drive you are want to recover.

Whether partition can be recognized by system or not depends on the partition table and boot sector of partition (More partition table details please see: About Partition Table). If partition table or boot sector of partition is destroyed by virus or deleted accidentally, you will not see the partition you need. In fact, the partition is not actually lost.

If you know more knowledge about partition table and boot sector of partition, you may manually use Edit Sector to recover partition.

Of course, Partition Table Doctor will automatically check & repair partition table or boot sector of partition errors to recover partition.

Partition Table Doctor manages for MS-DOS, Freedos, Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003.

Data Recovery Wizard is Windows Vista compatible data recovery software to do format recovery and recover deleted files emptied from the Recycle Bin or recover data even when partition is deleted, formatted, lost or damaged on hard drives. It can recover lost data due to software crash, virus infection or other unknown reason. The data recovery software supports all hardware RAID and hard drives, IPOD, SD card, memory cards, etc. under Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista.

Step-by-step Instruction for Lost or deleted Partition Recovery:

If you use Partition Table Doctor to recover partition for the first time, please use Rebuild Partition Table function to recover deleted or lost partitions. To recover partitions, Restore Partition Table is provided with two modes to search your lost partition: “Auto” mode or “Interactive” mode.

Two modes of Rebuild Partition Table

Recover Lost Partitions

Once you have chosen improperly partitions to recover that may lead to permanent partitions’ loss, the dialogue box will prompt you which partitions will be lost and whether to continue.

Rebuild Partition Table uses memory than write to hard disk directly. You can search lost partition repeatedly until the partitions which you need to recover have been found, and apply by pressing the “Ctrl+S” key or selecting “Save” from the “General” menu later-on.

If you have backed up the partition table before with the function “Backup Partition Table” of Partition Table Doctor, then please recover lost or deleted partition with “Restore Partition Table” function.

backup partition table

restore partition table

If you’re sure that all partitions found by Partition Table Doctor are needed to recover, please save before exiting.

Reboot computer and you will find everything is just what it was, backup your files!!!

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