Extend drive D

How to extend drive D volume on Windows PC and Server?

Extend drive D partition on Windows PC and Server When system C drive is running out of space, many people want to extend it without starting over. Meanwhile, sometimes you need to expand other drives, this article introduces how to … Read More

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Diskpart of Server 2003

Diskpart extend partition Windows Server 2003

Diskpart is Windows utility to extend partition in Windows 2003 Server. This article describe how to extend Server 2003 partition with diskpart command line. … Read More

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Extend C drive

Extend system c drive on Windows Server 2003

This article introduces how to extend C drive on Windows Server 2003 R2. Extend system partition with NIUBI Partition Editor 100% safely, fast and easily. … Read More

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How to extend partition in Windows Server 2003?

After running Windows 2003 Server for a period, you may find that the Server 2003 system C drive running out of space and "Low Disk Space" warning pops up regularly. Why Windows 2003 running out of space? To meet the … Read More

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Windows Server 2003 extend system partition fast and easily

How to extend system partition on Windows 2003 Server? Question: I am using Windows 2003 Server, the Disk Manager will not allow me to extend system partition. Unfortunately, Microsoft Support says I can only extend a Windows Server 2003 system … Read More

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How to extend Server 2003 partition fast and easily?

All the size of the hard disk partitions are carefully allocated while building the Windows 2003 Server. However, things are changing and the scheduled size may not always meet your needs, especially for the System partition, no matter how big … Read More

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