Do you want to convert dynamic disk to basic without data losing? If you need to convert dynamic disk to basic nondestructively, Dynamic Disk Converter will help you a lot. This article will introduce how to revert dynamic disk back to basic with the easiest way.

Disadvantages of dynamic disk

Dynamic disk volumes also are called software RAID, although dynamic disks contains too many advantages than the basic disks, it also bring some problems as bellow:

1. System partition on basic disk cannot be extended after converting to dynamic disk.

Some people want to extend the system partition and think it can be increased after converting basic disk to dynamic, but in fact, dynamic volume still cannot be extended, especially for the system volume, many people would encounter this problem if they need to increase partition size. But due to the limitation of Disk Management, only Simple Volume and Spanned Volume can be extended. Moreover, there is no third-party product can resize dynamic disk directly.

2. After converting drive partition from basic to dynamic, the dynamic volumes could not be deleted when you try to reinstall Microsoft Windows operating system.

3. You cannot convert dynamic disk to basic without data losing in Disk Management, as you need to delete all dynamic volume firstly before converting.

In Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7, you can shrink and expand basic partition online, without data losing, so you don’t need dynamic disk for partition resizing. Now the hard drive price is lower and lower, you may purchase larger hard drive and hardware RAID card for high performance, you don’t need dynamic disk again for higher computer performance.

How to convert dynamic disk to basic nondestructively?

By disk management, you have to delete all dynamic volumes before converting, so it will cause data losing. Fortunately, you can convert dynamic disk to basic without data losing by third party software.

For example, Partition Wizard and Dynamic Disk Converter.

It is very easy to convert dynamic disk to basic, two methods for you to adopt.

Convert dynamic disk with Partition Wizard

If you are home user, you may use the free home edition, but this software could only convert dynamic disk with Simple Volume. As other dynamic volumes consist with several dynamic disks, no software can convert these dynamic disks to a simple disk.

convert dynamic disk

Convert dynamic disk with Dynamic Disk Converter

With Dynamic Disk Converter, you can convert dynamic disk with any dynamic volumes.

convert dynamic disk

select source dynamic disk
select source dynamic disk

Select source dynamic volumeFor more details about Partition Wizard and Dynamic Disk Converter, please refer to their website.

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