Aomei Partition Assistant is an ALL-IN-ONE partition solution and the most convenient hard disk partition manager toolkit for Windows Server 2008/2003/2000 and SBS 2003/2008/2011. It allows users to resize, split, extend, merge partitions to optimize disk space usage, copy disk/partition to backup or migrate data, Hide, Active, Create, Delete, Format, Convert partition .etc to improve Server performance.

Aomei Partition Assistant has been widely used by many Fortune 500 companies, governments and universities. You will be amazed by its cool functions and find how easy it is to manage your Server disk partitions.

New Aomei Partition Assistant 4.0 keeps all the features of the previous version as well, such as resize/move, create, delete, format partition, copy disk & partition and wipe data, etc. In addition to “Aomei Partition 3+2 Concept”, the latest version adds new features including:
* Merge two partitions without data loss.
* Split one big partition into two or more.
* Convert primary partition to logical and vice versa.
* Improved algorithm to ensure a faster & safer process of resizing/moving partition.
* Support GPT disk up to 4TB and USB flash drive.
* Compatible with Windows 8 Developer Preview, Windows Home Server 2011 and Windows Small Business Server 2011.

Features of Aomei Partition Assistant 4.0

Partition manager Partition Manager Features

  • Extend system partition to solve “c drive is out of space” issue. (Without rebooting if it is NTFS)
  • Extend Partition Wizard to help resize partition much more easily.
  • Resize & Change existing partition size to optimize disk space without deleting or formatting.
  • Merge Partitions/unallocated space into bigger one New!
  • Split Partition into two or more small partitions New!
  • One click to allocate free space from any partition and add to another New!
  • Create partition as you wish even without unallocated space New!
  • Format Partition to reuse as a new one.
  • Hide Partitions – protect important data from unauthorized or casual access.
  • Set Active partition – specify one partition to be the boot partition.
  • Change drive letter.
  • Disk/Partition Surface Test to check and find bad sectors.
  • Delet single or all partitions with simple steps.
  • Label Partition – assign a name to partition for easier recognition.
  • View Disk/Partition property.
  • Check file system and fix errors if exists.

Copy features Disk & Partition Copy Features

  • Copy partition with fast file-by-file copy to protect your data.
  • Copy entire hard disk to another without Windows reinstallation.
  • Copy physical disk partition <=> RAID virtual drives

Partition manager Conversion Features

  • Convert Primary partition to Logical partition without data loss New!
  • Convert Logical partition to Primary partition without data loss New!
  • Convert FAT 12/16/32 partition to NTFS partition

Partition manager Data Security Features

  • Wipe data on entire disk/partition/Unallocated space completely and ensure that the data can not be recovered by any data recovery solution.
  • Set password before running program to prevent from changing partitions unauthorized.

Additional Features

  • Virtual pre-execution, preview any operation tasks before apply to the disk
  • Flexible and adjustable drag & drop interface
  • Display hard disk configuration in graphic form (Disk Panel)
  • View all disk and partition properties
  • Display operation progress in graphic form and step by step

Supported OS and storage media

  • Support Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 32/64 bit
  • Support Windows Small Business Server 2003/2008
  • Support Windows Home Server 2011, Windows Small Business Server 2011 and Windows 8 Developer Preview New!
  • Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 32/64 bit
  • Support FAT 12/16/32, NTFS file system.
  • Support single disks or partitions up to 4 TB
  • Support up to 32 hard disks within one system.
  • Support GPT hard disk up to 4TB New!
  • Support USB flash hard drive New!
  • Supports local/removable hard disk, VHD/VMware VMDK, USB stick.
  • Work with Hardware RAID, such as RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10 etc.

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Aomei Partition Assistant 4.0 launched.
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