About Aomei Partition Assistant

Aomei Partition Assistant 3.0 is comprehensive disk partition management utility which held Partition Manager software and three wizards (Extend Partition Wizard, Partition Copy Wizard, and Disk Copy Wizard) together for Windows 7/XP/2000/Vista, Server 2008/2003/2000. It provides powerful and professional features to manage hard disk drives like partition/disk manage and data transfers with highly data security guarantee.

As partition magic alternative, Aomei Partition Assistant has been widely used by many companies as well as individuals all around the globe with fine reputation. You will be amazed by its complete functions and low price.

Aomei Partition Assistant Editions

Partition Assistant Professional Edition – for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 (both 32bit and 64bit)

Partition Assistant Server Edition – for both Windows PC (XP/Vista/7) and Server 2008, 2003, 2000

Partition Assistant Unlimited Edition – the same with Server Edition

Partition Assistant Key Features

Basic Partitioning Features

  • Create, Format, Delete partition
  • Assign/Change/Remove drive letter
  • Hide/Unhide partitions
  • Mark a partition as Active
  • Change partition volume labels
  • Check file system integrity
  • Check disk bad sectors
  • Permanently wipe disk data
  • Convert file system
  • Clear system disk

Advanced Partitioning Features

  • Hot resize system partition without reboot
  • Resize partition to optimize disk space management
  • Move partition from one location to another
  • Merge two or more partitions into a larger one
  • Split one big partition into two or more
  • Extend partition to increase the capacity
  • Shrink partition to release more unallocated space
  • Redistribute free space to create new partition
  • “Extend Partition Wizard” helps you step by step extend partition
  • Repartition without data loss
  • Clone Disk to migrate data without reinstalling Windows NEW!
  • Clone Partition to backup your data

See detailed features of Partition Assistant

Partition Assistant Unlimted Edition

As a administrator, I’m very interested in Partition Assistant Unlimited Edition. It provides inconceivable price to allow unlimited usage within the company. I don’t like other server edition licenses, as I have to purchase several copies and download each to every Server, really unpleasant.

Partition Assistant Unlimited Edition

Partition Assistant Unlimited Edition is easier to use. Different with other Server partition software such as Partition Wizard Server, you can drag and move on the main window to resize partitions directly, without right-clicking.

It also provides unique Extend Partition Wizard to help you extend system partition or data partition step by step if you don’t know how to repartition, Humanistic.

If Partition Assistant integrate dynamic disk convert feature, it is the best Server partition tool I’ll recommand.

Partition Assistant Unlimited Edition helps you better maintain your Servers.
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