Increase partition size

How to repartition hard drive in Windows 10 32/64 bit?

Repartition hard disk drive on Windows 10 No matter you use Windows laptop or desktop, you should manage disk partitions regularly, for example: shrink a drive to extend other one that is running low on disk space, merge two small … Read More

Repartition hard drive

How to repartition hard drive on Windows Server 2008?

Repartition hard drive in Windows Server 2008 What will do you when system C: drive or other volumes are getting full? Several hours to back up everything, recreate disk drives and another several hours to restore? Actually, you can repartition … Read More

Repartition hard disk

How to repartition hard disk drive without data loss?

How to repartition disk drive without losing data Many computer users have the experience that system C: drive is out of space. In a server, the rate of low disk space is higher than a PC. Besides C: drive, any … Read More