How to Move Free Space From D to C Drive in Windows 10/ 11

by John, Updated on: November May 18, 2022

Önceki ile aynı Windows 7 / 8, C düşük disk alanı ortak sorun Windows 10/11 computer. When it happens, some people tried to c sürücüsünü temizle ile Disk Temizleme or third party software, but they cannot get large amount of space. To solve this problem, the best method is moving space from D to C drive. Otherwise, C drive will become full again shortly. Some people may ask if it's possible to transfer space from D to C drive in Windows 10/11 without losing data. The answer is yes, but you'd better run safe partition software. In this article, I'll introduce how to move space from D to C drive in Windows 10/11 with native tool and best free partition software. 

Move space from D to C in Windows 10/11 with native tool

itibaren Windows 7, Microsoft added advanced new "Shrink Volume" and "Extend Volume" functions in Disk Yönetimi to resize partition without losing data (not 100%). There's a way to move space from D to C drive in Windows 10/11 with Disk Management tool, but it is not recommended.

First of all, you should know that the size of a physical disk fixed. You can resize a partition on a disk but you cannot change size of this disk. Before extending a partition, there must be "Unallocated space" on the same disk. To get such kind of space, you may either delete or shrink a partition.

After deleting a volume, herşey disk alanı şu biçime dönüştürülecek: Ayrılmamış, all files will be silindi, too. After shrinking this volume, only parçasıdır free space will be converted to Unallocated, all files keep intact.

Windows Disk Management can only delete D drive and move all space to C drive. If you want to shrink D and move part of free space to C drive, Disk Management cannot help you. Because:

As you see the screenshot, Unallocated space that shrunk from D drive is nonadjacent to C drive. Therefore, Hacmi Genişletme devre dışı C sürücüsü için.

If your D drive is Birincil partition and you can delete it, follow the steps below, otherwise, jump to the next section to transfer space without losing data.

How to move space from D to C drive in Windows 10/11 Disk Yönetimi ile:

  1. Basın Windows + X hot keys and click Disk Management in the list.
  2. Sağ tık D: sür ve seç "Sesi Sil" to convert space to Unallocated.
  3. Sağ tık C: sür ve seç "Ses uzatın" to combine this Unallocated space. You just need to click Sonraki için Bitiş "Birimi Genişlet Sihirbazını" açılır penceresinde.

To transfer space from one partition to another in Windows 10/ 11, NIUBI Partition Editor is better choice. It can shrink D drive and move part of free space to C drive without deleting partition or losing data.

Extend Volume greyed

Move free space from D to C in Windows 10/11 with free tool

It is very easy to accomplish this task, you just need to drag and drop on the disk map. To move space from D to C drive in Windows 10/ 11, NIUBI Partition Editor has free edition to help you. İndir this tool and you'll see the initial disk partition size and configuration.

Main window

Steps to move free space from D to C drive in Windows 10/11 with NIUBI:

Adım: 1 Bitişik sürücüyü sağ tıklayın D ve "Resize/Move Volume", sürüklemek sol kenarlık açılır pencerede sağa doğru.

Shrink D

Part of free space is converted to Unallocated on the left side of D.

Shrink D rightwards

Adım: 2 Sistem bölümünü sağ tıklayın C ve "Resize/Move Volume"tekrar sürükle sağ kenarlık sağa doğru.

Extend C drive

Ardından Ayrılmamış alan C sürücüsüne taşınır.

Extend volume C

NIUBI çalışmak için tasarlanmıştır sanal mod yaptığınız tüm işlemler sol altta beklemede olarak listelenir. Gerçek disk bölümleri tıklanıncaya kadar yeniden boyutlandırılmayacak Apply button on top left to take effect.

If C and D drive are on different disk on your computer, no software can move space from D to C drive. In that case, you can klon sistemi diski daha büyük bir sürücüye ve C sürücüsünü fazladan disk alanıyla genişletin.

Take care of data when transfer space from D to C drive

It seems not different to move space from D to C drive in Windows 10/11 computer, but not all software can accomplish this task well. There is potential data loss and/or system damage risk when you resizing partition with unreliable software. Because all parameters of associated disk, partitions and files must be modified correctly, all files must be moved to new location, system boot related files must be updated. Even a slight error could cause damage.

Diğer araçlardan daha iyi, NIUBI Partition Editor sisteminizi ve verilerinizi korumak için gelişmiş teknolojilere sahiptir.

Besides resizing and moving partition, it help you copy, convert, defrag, check, wipe, hide partition, scan bad sectors, optimize file system and much more.