Is It Possible to Clone RAID Array in a Safe and Easy Way?

Why do computer users need to clone RAID array, especially Windows server users need to do RAID cloning? Generally speaking, they need to clone RAID array regularly in order to upgrade disk or migrate data from small disk to a larger one. A typical example is that when the partitions on the hardware RAID runs out of space, you may prefer to rebuild the hardware RAID with larger hard disks. Then, you need to backup the data to another place, rebuild the hardware RAID and restore data again. What a time-consuming task! And you might lose your valued data in this process. Is it possible to clone RAID array in a safe and easy way? The answer is yes and this article will introduce a free RAID cloning software. Brief Introduction of RAID RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks which is the organization of multiple disks into a … Continue reading