Top Free Data Erase Utilities – Erase Sensitive Information from Your Computer

Why you need to erase data from your computer? Data Recovery Risk We’ve all heard the horror stories about someone buying a used hard drive at a flea market or garage sale and then finding tons of personal data left on the drive by the previous owner. Or even worse, people getting their credit trashed by ID thieves that make their living by taking that information and using it to wipe you out financially. “That would never happen to me,” you say. “I’ll delete all the files first” or “I’ll re-format the drive before I trade it in or sell it.” Not so fast there Scooter! That data you think you erased is still stored on the drive. Why Data Can be Recovered? When you delete a file it isn’t really removed from the disk. The operating system (OS) only removes the reference to the file from the file allocation … Continue reading