Convert Access MySQL MSSQL Oracle to Any Database with Database Converter

Are you searching a database converter to convert data base from SQL to access, or access to SQL? Intelligent Converters provides the complete solutions to convert database. With the data converter, you can complete the job, including: Access-to-DB2     Access-to-MySQL  Access-to-Oracle Data-to-PDF       DB2-to-Access     DB2-to-MySQL Excel-to-MySQL   Excel-to-Oracle MSSQL-to-MySQL  MSSQL-to-Oracle  MySQL Migration Toolkit MySQL-to-Access   MySQL-to-Excel   MySQL-to-MSSQL   MySQL-to-Oracle Oracle Migration Toolkit  Oracle-to-Access      Oracle-to-MySQL OraDump Export Kit     OraDump-to-Access    OraDump-to-CSV OraDump-to-Excel       OraDump-to-MSSQL  OraDump-to-MySQL Access to MySQL Access-to-MySQL is a program to migrate Microsoft Access databases to MySQL server. Features All MS Access data types and attributes are converted Support all versions of MS Access (including MS Access 2007) Work with all versions of Unix and Windows MySQL servers Convert individual tables Convert indexes with all necessary attributes Convert partial data using SELECT-queries Convert relationships between tables Store conversion settings into profile Merge MS Access data into an existing MySQL database Convert password protected MS Access databases … Continue reading