What is the Difference between Virus and Trojans

Virus and trojans are both man-made programs, belonging to computer virus. Trojan is a kind of virus. But why do we talk about and have trojan remover singularly? You may know that initial computer viruses were programmed for sabotage. Their authors designed them to damage data on others’ computers, to terrorize others to achieve some certain purpose or some of them did that merely to show off their skills. Trojans, however, are programmed with very different purpose. They are aimed for absolute peek at others’ activities on the computer and theft for data, such as administration passwords, game accounts, stock or even bank accounts in order to pry into others’ privacy and seek economic interest, illegally, of course. Thus trojans seem much more useful than early viruses for online lawbreakers and as a result a number of bad programmers develop applications with various trojans embedded within, which leads to rampancy … Continue reading