How to extend C drive in Windows 2008 Server?

Many people feedback they don't know how to resize partition and extend system C: drive in Windows 2008 Server, especially for Server 2008 R2, so I decide to write this article and give some hints. When extending C drive on Windows 2008 Server (r2), the common questions include: Is it safe to resize Windows 2008 partitions? Which tool is better, Partition Magic? Is it required to break array when extending C drive in a raid virtual disk? Is there any difference extend C drive in VMware virtual machine? How to resize volumes and extend system C partition? About question 1: I have to say there is risk when resizing partitions either in a PC or Windows Server, because disk partition parameters will be changed, so select a reliable partitioning software and backup before any operations to a server. About question 2: Norton Partition Magic isn't compatible with Windows Server 2008 … Continue reading