How to extend partition in Windows Server 2003?

After running Windows 2003 Server for a period, you may find that the Server 2003 system C drive running out of space and "Low Disk Space" warning pops up regularly. Why Windows 2003 running out of space? To meet the needs of Server maintenance, administrators have to install many applications, meanwhile, browser caches, temporary files and restore points of Windows system protection can eat up your free space quickly. What will you do if system C drive running low, rebuild the Server? No one wants to waste the whole happy weekend to start over again. Furthermore, there is big risk of losing data when reinstalling Server Operating System. Then how to solve this problem fast and safely? Partition Magic Server is the best choice, with which you can extend partition in Windows Server 2003 without reformatting or losing data. How to extend partition in Windows 2003 Server? Originally, to extend … Continue reading