Windows Server 2003 extend system partition fast and easily

How to extend system partition on Windows 2003 Server? Question: I am using Windows 2003 Server, the Disk Manager will not allow me to extend system partition. Unfortunately, Microsoft Support says I can only extend a Windows Server 2003 system partition by reformatting the drive and reinstalling the Windows Server 2003 Operating System, but I don't want to reinstalling Windows, is there a way to extend 2003 Server system partition without losing data or reinstalling? Answer: Yes, you can extend Server 2003 system partition without deleting, reformatting partition, reinstalling Windows, even without rebooting if the system partition is NTFS. Within several minutes, you'll have a "new" Server. Why extend Server 2003 system partition? Users usually create a small system partition for Windows Operating System, as larger partition means more space waste. Even you create a large partition, you'll be amazed at how quickly application installs, browser caches, and temporary files … Continue reading