Extend Windows 7 Partition with Free Partition Manager.

Windows 7 has been released with a built-in feature in Disk Management that you can shrink or extend an existing partition. In fact, this feature has been provided in Windows Vista. With this feature you can shrink a large partition and create new ones, or extend a partition to be larger. How to extend Windows 7 partition in Disk Management? Right-click “My Computer” > “Manage” > “Storage” > “Disk Management”, you’ll see all existing hard disks and partitions. You can shrink any existing partition or extend a partition with unallocated space behind it. What is the shortage of Windows Disk Management to extend Windows 7 partition? Follow the steps above, you can extend Windows 7 partition easily, but there is a problem you may ignore. Please note that there is unallocated space behind partition F. What about the partitions without unallocated space behind it? Let’s continue. From the screenshot, you … Continue reading