Seagate doubles capacity of data center hard drive

Seagate Technology today released its highest capacity, enterprise-class hard disk drive, doubling the previous storage limit if its high-end systems. The Savvio10.4K 2.5-in serial-attached SCSI (SAS) drive, aimed at external storage arrays, also increases meantime before failures (MTBF) by 25% compared to earlier devices while reducing power consumption by 60%. The new drive includes 450GB and 600GB models that are best suited for tier 2 applications – as opposed to Fibre Chanel and solid-state drives suited to tier 1 applications. The company boosted the drive’s interface to 4Gbit/sec compared to 2Gbit/sec for the previous high-end offering. The company said the new model increases the capacity per platter from 150GB to 200GB, improving the areal density on the three-platter drive. “Obviously, with the greater capacity points you get a higher dollar to gigabyte metric,” said Teresa Worth, Seagate senior product marketing manager. Seagate said it boosted the MTBF from 1.6 million … Continue reading

250GB Xbox 360 Harddrive Coming To Japan

February 1, 2010 – Microsoft has now released a standalone 250GB Xbox 360 harddrive accessory to buy for the folks in Japan. The company has no plans, however, to release the bigger harddrive in North America. “Microsoft is now offering a standalone 250GB Hard Drive in Japan to provide consumers in Japan more storage options for their games and entertainment,” a company spokesperson told IGN. “We work closely with retailers to determine the best approach for our products on a region-by-region basis.” If the recent 120GB harddrive shortage is any indication, it would seem the release of the 250GB harddrive in North America is coming shortly. Keep in mind, Xbox 360 harddrives are region free, so if you’re looking for more space immediately, feel free to import one this coming March for 15,540 yen ($173).