Partition Magic software for Server 2008 and R2

Better than Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 added shrink and extend volume feature, which can be used to change partition size online, however, you still cannot extend system C: drive by shrinking D, so 3rd party partition software is better choice to resize Server 2008 partitions. When talking about resizing partitions, many people know the famous partitioning utility – Norton Partition Magic. Yes, this is a great program that is able to resize partitions without losing data. Norton Partition Magic for Server 2008? Partition Magic is first released by PowerQuest and then the ownership was transferred to Symantec. It seems that Symantec just want to get the technology of backup and recovery, so it doesn't provide a updated Partition Magic for Server 2008 or 2003. In technical forums, many people feedback partition magic cannot be installed in Windows Server. Just forget Partition Magic, because it isn't compatible with Windows … Continue reading