Photo Recovery Software for Windows and Mac – Recover Files after Delete and Format

It is a common problem that some files were deleted mistakenly. When you clean up the computer, you may delete these files, including some pictures. You may also delete some photos or format the digital camera and need to recover these photos. If you only need to recover photo files, you need not to purchase the more expensive data recover software. Before trying the photo recovery software, please remember that do not save file to the partition you deleted file from or formatted, otherwise, the original files may be overwrote. If you deleted photos from camera or formatted the SD card, CF card or other memory cards, stopping using it again and connect it to the computer by card-reader. After that try the photo recovery software for Windows or Mac. Photo recovery software for Windows Disk Doctors Photo Recovery ($49.00) Disk Doctors Photo Recovery software is powerful, advanced, yet easy … Continue reading