What is disk sector and bad sector, how to repair bad sector

What is disk sector? In the context of computer hardware, a sector is a sub-division of a track of a magnetic hard disk or optical disc. A sector stores a fixed amount of data. The typical formatting of sectors allows holding 512 bytes (e.g. harddisks and diskettes) or 2048 bytes (e.g. optical discs) of data. What is a bad sector? A sector is a small area on the surface of a hard drive or a floppy disk. Hard drives usually have several platters. The platters are the discs which are covered with magnetic material which is used to hold data. Floppy disk drives contain only one platter. Platters are divided into a set of concentric rings called tracks. A 1.44MB floppy disk has 160 tracks. Hard drives have thousands of tracks. Each of these tracks is divided into smaller storage areas called sectors. A sector is the smallest storage area … Continue reading