Resize Windows 2003 Server partition without data loss, fast and easily

To many Server administrators, it is not an easy task to resize Windows 2003 Server partition, as Windows 2003 Server doesn't provide a built-in tool. Considering Server data security, you have to select a reliable partition software, then which one is better? After selecting a Server partition software, you have to check out the user guide, related videos, attentions, etc. if it is too complicated. Relax, with Partition Magic Server software, you cannot believe how easy it is to resize Window 2003 Server partition. Ensure data security when resizing Windows Server 2003 partition The security and stability are undoubtedly the most significant aspects for Server computers since a Server computer usually stores the most important classified and daily-used files. However, even a slight error on server computer might directly leads to boot failure or data loss. Partition Magic Server is not only reliable itself with built-in Enhanced Data Protection but … Continue reading